Engineered Fear Productions’ Baltimore Haunt: January Update


Top floor

The last month has been very busy for Engineered Fear Productions, and we’re excited to announce: We have power!

For two years we have been using flashlights and generators for power in order to complete our projects and promotional videos. Now that we finally have power, we will be able to do a whole lot more with the space that we have. Its a huge milestone for us because once the power is on, the rest of the construction will finally be able to be completed.


The lights were turned on to the Kaufman’s Furniture store building in Old Town Mall earlier this month, and the space transformation process is underway. We’ve painted the walls and ceilings, resembling a sort of soundstage look. We plan to frame the space and installing proper plumbing next month.

electrical panel

As our construction process continues, we will continue to update and inform you the details of the project. October is just a mere 9 months away, and we need your help to spread the word! Please visit our website or our Facebook page and share our project and event with your friends. Encourage them to sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for additional updates next month!


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