Baltimore Haunt: February Update

The time has finally come for us to announce the name of our haunt and—drumroll please—the project will be further known as: The Nevermore Haunt, at Old Town, Baltimore.

The Nevermore—which stems from famed Baltimorean Edgar Allen Poe’s iconic 1845 poem “The Raven”—was selected from a long list of Poe-inspired titles. While the name is derived from Poe’s legacy, The Nevermore won’t be a Poe themed haunt.

“The Nevermore” instead refers to the actors and creatures inside the haunt, which were alive once, long ago, but are no longer and never will be again—alas, nevermore.

It also speaks to the fleeting nature of live theater. While a storyline has not been set for the haunt just yet, each visitor’s experience will be unique and adlibbed based on the visitor’s reaction. The story will morph over time as the actors evolve their characters each night so that no performance will happen that same way again.

 We’ve done more than just sit around a table throwing names into a pot, though. Construction has continued for the old Kaufman’s Furniture Store space. We’ve built new walls to finish framing the space since gaining power last month, and plumbing has begun this month and should be completed by March.

Next month, we’ll be attending the TransWorld 2016 Halloween & Haunted Attractions Show in St Louis, the largest haunt show in the country, where they actually have classes and seminars where haunt owners and operators sit around and discuss how to scare people better.

While we have some boring administrative stuff to take care of, we plan on brushing up on the latest in haunt technology to make The Nevermore Haunt one of the best haunts in the region.

Baltimore Haunt TicketBooth


Thank You for Your Support!

This past weekend our Kickstarter campaign came to an end. Unfortunately we did not reach our goal. Kickstarter’s all-or-nothing nature means that we will not be receiving any funds (nor will those of you who pledged be charged). We are certainly disappointed that we did not make our funding goal but the Kickstarter campaign was still a success in many ways.

When we purchased our property this past summer we knew that the path ahead would not be easy. When we launched our Kickstarter campaign back in September we were awash in support from our friends and family. Not long after launching we were fortunate enough to get the attention of the Baltimore Sun. The Sun article and our interview with Baltimore Internet Radio were instrumental in helping us reach a wider audience. As Halloween approached we began an intensive on the ground marketing push. Each time we went out in costume we were met with so much enthusiasm. Because of the great press we received many of those we spoke with were already familiar with and excited about our project. As this past weekend approached we knew that we had, however, failed to turn that enthusiasm into Kickstarter pledges.This set back is not our first and is unlikely to be our last. Keeping in mind the many lessons we have learned we are moving forward exploring alternative financing strategies, more energized than ever.

We want to sincerely thank all of you for following our page and spreading the word. A special thank you to those who were able to make a pledge. We hope that we can rely on your continued support in the future. Thank you!

(We’re building up an email list for those interested in updates or being involved in the project. Just fill out the form on the right of our page to receive periodic e-mail updates)